Licensing / VE Testing

For more information on VE testing and directions to test locations please

contact Tom Chromzack, K9ML at
(815) 878-7557 or e-mail
Tom Chromzack, K9ML
P.O. Box 101
Tiskilwa, IL 61368-0101
Test Information:
2015 / 2016 test fee is
$15.00. Bring a photo ID and your SSN
or FRN (FCC registration
number) with you. If you don’t have a photo ID you may use
a birth certificate, school report card, minor’s work permit, any business correspondence with name and current address printed on it such as a utility bill or bank statement or your actual SSN card.
Candidates who are seeking an upgrade must bring the original license
and/or CSCE for VE verification and a PHOTOCOPY of it to be included with the test application.
Any questions please contact K9ML.
Test sessions are held one hour before the monthly meeting and at our Field Day,  hamfest, and JOTA activities.