Frequency: 147.1200 MHz +           440.050 MHz +plus
Tone: 103.5 Hz                          103.5 Hz


County: La Salle
State: Illinois
Call: W9MKS
Op Status: ON-AIR On-Air
Coverage: Wide area.
Sponsor: SRRC
Features: E-Power –  Battery / Generator
EchoLink: 234725 W9MKS-R              None unless linked to VHF

Repeater Notes:

Update: 3/07/15 – SRRC added a new UHF Repeater, using equipment donated by John AA9VT and installation followed.

440.050 MHz output, 445.050 MHz input, 103.5 Hz tone (440.050 +5 MHz 103.5 Hz)


Update: 1/7/2015 – Returned to analog only FM repeater for VHF, information the same as below.
147.120 MHz output, 147.720 MHz input, 103.5 Hz tone (147.120 +600 kHz 103.5 Hz).


The Yaesu Fusion DR-1 repeater was removed, due to technical and range issues and to allow future linking as needed to a new UHF repeater being coordinated.


Update: 8/18/2014 – We have recently installed our Yeasu Fusion DR-1 test system repeater.  Input is both analog and with the addition of digital C4FM. Switching from analog to digital is automatic.   Output will remain analog until further testing is complete and more radios capable of C4FM are in the area.   Area coverage has seemed to increased greatly by the new system.