Extra Class License

REVISED Extra Class Pool (1)

2012-2016 Extra Class Diagrams

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Upgrade from the General Class License.

  • Exam Requirement: 50-question Extra written exam (Element 4).
  • License Privileges: All Amateur band privileges.

General licensees may upgrade to Extra Class by passing a 50-question
multiple-choice examination. No Morse code test is required. In addition
to some of the more obscure regulations, the test covers specialized
operating practices, advanced electronics theory and radio equipment
design. Non-licensed individuals must pass Element 2, Element 3 and
Element 4 written exams to earn an Extra License. The FCC grants exam
element 3 credit to individuals that previously held certain older types of
licenses. Find valid forms of Examination Element Credit.

The HF bands can be awfully crowded, particularly at the top of the solar
cycle. Once one earns HF privileges, one may quickly yearn for more room.
The Extra Class license is the answer. Extra Class licensees are authorized
to operate on all frequencies allocated to the Amateur Service.